About Us

Our Beginnings

With our roots go way back to 1970s, we are firmly planted in the shipping, marine and integrated logistics services industries as well as engineering and construction sectors. We are a well-diversified group of companies which have grown steadily with multi-disciplinary industry expertise covering a comprehensive range of services to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Undergoing a series of transformation since establishment, our group has grown and set our roots into these industries. New innovative solutions have been tailored to elevate our services to fit the evolving and changing market.

Achieving all the milestones, our group was listed on Bursa Malaysia Main Board on 6 January 2004 under the flagship of Harbour-Link Group Berhad.

Today, we have extended our business footprint across the Intra-Asia region and we have become a trustworthy brand within the multi-discipline industries, with a single focus, to provide the finest solutions by putting our clients‘ and stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

Looking to the future, our vision is to be the country’s best service provider, employer and investment of choice with a mission, to improve our services on a continuous basis and deliver much more than what we committed.

We have built a strong foundation to ensure our future success


Building from its core business as a local shipping and forwarding agent, Harbour-Link Group has expanded its service offerings and now provides a comprehensive range of services – from customs tax consultation services, customs brokerage & documentation to warehousing,  transportation, air, sea and land freight to heavy haulage, mechanical erection/installation, ship chartering, supply chain management and other specialized industrial logistical support services, which are available nationwide and across the intra-Asian region.

Our focus and emphasis on ensuring Total Customer Satisfaction has further driven the Company’s diversification into areas such as civil and mechanical engineering, building and construction, offshore marine support services, road safety training and consultancy services.

With the inclusion to the group of Eastern Soldar Engineering & Construction Sdn Bhd, a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of oil & gas engineering, construction and infrastructure development, we continue pursuit of our quest to be a leading Malaysian Engineering Services provider. Backed by our expertise, extensive resources and operations support network, Harbour-Link Group is fully geared to provide complete turn-key project solutions to our customers both locally and on the international front. Constantly on the look out for value creating opportunities, Harbour-Link Group has now forged into the shipping line industry with the acquisition of container and general cargo vessels. This move is a logical extension of the group’s value chain that promotes end-to-end shipment visibility and will enable us to continue fulfilling our commitment of providing services to our customers that are both comprehensive and flexible.


To be the country’s
best service provider, employer, and investment choice

Engineering & Construction Works

Machinery Sales & Services

Integrated Logistics Services

Shipping & Marine Services


Positioning Ourselves for Sustainability

We lead the way in sustainable practices across diverse industries, setting a standard for responsible and innovative approaches

Continuous Improvement in Human Resources Development

We actively pursue continuous improvement, enhancing the development of our human resources for a skilled and empowered team

Fostering Trust and Teamwork

We cultivate a culture of trust and teamwork, fostering strong connections among our employees, clients, and the community

Commitment to Excellence in What We Do

We uphold an unwavering commitment to excellence in every facet of our endeavors, ensuring the highest standards in our operations and the delivery of superior solutions


Building towards a stronger future :


Customer Satisfaction

Our success hinges on the total satisfaction of our customers, as we dedicate ourselves to exceeding their expectations and building enduring partnerships through trust and exceptional service


Integrity and Trust

Integrity and trust are at the core of all our actions, driving us to conduct business with the highest ethical standards, fostering transparency and reliability in every interaction.


People-Centric Approach

Our people form the bedrock of our existence, and we foster a culture that values and acknowledges their contributions, empowering them to bring out their best for our collective success


Innovation and Creativity

We believe in our ability to innovate and be creative, driving sustainable development and growth. This commitment creates opportunities to serve our people and customers through continuous improvement

Logo Rationale

Harbour-Link Group. A dependable ship sailing on the ocean waves.

The bold and italic font of Harbour resembling a forward moving ship which represents the solid foundations, unity and coherence on which Harbour-Link Group is built.

The Harbourship rides and draws its energy from the three waves that ripple forwards with the strength and fluidity of the great ocean’s movement — the energy and force that drives us all forward with courage and confidence in facing all challenges.

The continuous rise of these three waves exhibits Harbour-Link’s growth ambitions and the groups ability to conquer change and progressively break through barriers as we sail forwards to our future success and sustainability.